Driving Medication Compliance 

We all know that "Drugs don't work in people who don't use them,” and yet today up to 50 percent of medications aren’t taken as prescribed. This directly impacts your treatment plans and patient outcomes, and leads to inflated long-term healthcare costs that we all have to bear. 

Many of the brand-name drugs on the market are too expensive (as are some generics), and cost is not generally part of the calculation most doctors make when they write a prescription. This shouldn’t surprise anyone: doctors have enough to worry about without having to track variable pricing for thousands of drugs, not to mention co-pay information for every single insurance plan.

Scriptasaurus was founded and funded by a group of 60 doctors, and we understand that by helping our patients save money on their meds, we are also increasing the chances that they will follow through on our recommendations.

The program, as deployed on behalf of self-funded employers, supports the physician-patient relationship and helps drive medication compliance by giving doctors the information they need in order to prescribe “The Best Meds at the Best Price.”

  1. You may have received a Scripta Report for one or more of your patients.
  2. The report streamlines valuable cost and co-pay information, along with cost-effective alternative medications and up-to-date pricing information for pharmacies in your area.
  3. If you have any questions, please call 877-744-1801, contact us, or click here for a detailed explanation of the report (coming soon).
  4. You can also sign up for ScripTips to get free pharma news, cost information, suggested medication alternatives, and a variety of savings opportunities that may be of interest to your patients.  
  5. And be sure to ask your patients if they are having any trouble paying for their prescription medications.

Please note: Scriptasaurus does not tell doctors what to prescribe nor patients what drugs to take. Only you as a doctor can make that decision. Our ultimate goal is to make your job easier and to ensure that prescribing care-givers are partners in our efforts to create a nationwide culture of compliance. 

ScripTips gives you free pharma news and pricing alerts.