For Prescribing Caregivers 

At Ourlife Health, we think cost needs to be part of a doctor's decision-making process. ScripTips is a free service designed to keep you informed of medication news and savings opportunties, so that you can be sure to prescribe "The Best Meds at the Best Price." 

As you know, your patient’s co-pay does not reflect the full cost of a drug.  In fact, it's usually just a small part of the price. Most often, a local employer is paying the rest of the cost, and they are being squeezed.

It can be quite complicated to discover the actual price of drugs we prescribe every day, but Scriptasaurus is here to change that. We encourage you to sign up to receive ScripTips, periodic emails featuring breaking medication pricing news.

Ourlife Health was founded by doctors and Scriptasaurus is a physician-driven program designed to help patients save money on prescription medications. We never tell you what drug to prescribe. Our only goal is to let you know what a medication really costs and to provide valuable savings infomation that you can pass along to your patients. 

As a ScripTips subscriber, you will periodically receive short emails containing pharma news, cost information, suggested medication alternatives, and a variety of savings opportunities that may be of interest to your patients.  We hope you find ScripTips helpful and we welcome your suggestions and feedback.

ScripTips can help make sure your patients get "The Best Meds at the Best Price"