Saving Money on Prescription Medications

If you have ever skipped a dose or split a pill in order to save money, you are not alone. Nearly half of all Americans say their prescription medications are too expensive, and millions of us can’t afford to follow doctor's orders.  

The good news is that you are probably paying too much for your medications, and Scriptasaurus can help.

Scriptasaurus can help employees save money on their prescription medications!


Scriptasaurus is a unique program designed to help you and your doctor identify the lowest-cost medications covered under your employer-sponsored insurance plan. Once your company is enrolled, our proprietary software generates a confidential report that lists your current medications, co-pay information, and all the possible ways you might be able to save money. 

Only you and your doctor will have access to this report. Ourlife Health will not provide your employer access to your personal report or disclose any medication information about you.

If your employer is currently enrolled, you can access your personal dashboard by clicking here. If you have already received your Scripta Report, please be sure to:

  1. Schedule an appointment with your primary caregiver in order to go over the results. 
  2. Please be sure to take a copy to your appointment.
  3. Please note: Your Scripta Report does not tell you what drug to take. Only you and your doctor can make that decision. 
  4. Contact us or have your doctor call 877-744-1801 with any questions.

Click here to read more about how the program works, and if your company is not currently participating, please have Human Resources contact us.

Scriptasaurus can help you save money on your medications.