Creating a Healthier Workforce

Scriptasaurus supports the health of your workforce by ensuring that your employees are getting "The Best Meds at the Best Price." We work directly with you, your benefits provider, your employees, and their doctors to help your organization save money.

Keeping your employees healthy is expensive. Employers spend approximately $13,308 a year per employee on healthcare. Your employees bear part of the expense, of course, and for high-risk employees taking multiple medications, it really adds up.

Scriptasaurus is the king of prescription savings.


48% of Americans complain about the price of their medications, and 28% cite cost as the reason they do not fill necessary prescriptions. This means that chronic medical conditions are left untreated, which leads directly to employee absenteeism, unnecessary hospitalizations, and an incredible $290 billion annually in peventable medical spending.

Scriptasaurus provides immediate savings to your organization by helping your employees find the best meds at the best prices. Our proprietary software streamlines information about medication costs, associated co-pays, and comparable, cost-effective drugs that will produce a savings for your employees. And when they save money, you save money. 

We have saved millions of dollars for city and county governments and for our self-funded corporate clients, including Fortune 500 companies. Contact us now to find out more about how Scriptasaurus can work with your existing benefits provider to save you money on prescription drugs.